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Welcome to Tanyeri ENT Clinic.

Tanyeri ENT Clinic was established not only by me, but also by my father Prof. Abdülkadir Tanyeri MD. My father was an otolaryngologist who was trained in USA and returned home in Turkey in the early 60s. When he returned home from USA where we got his degree, he opened his private practice in Ankara, Turkey. I was fortunate enough to spent some time with him. I am uniting my experience with my observations and the experiences of my father at Tanyeri ENT Clinic. So this is not an ordinary clinic, it was established 60 years ago. Tanyeri ENT Clinic was built up in a state of the art fashion and we use cutting edge technologies to diagnose the problems of our patients. We have an excellent team in the clinic and international rhinology fellow accompanies our team most of the time. This foreign medical doctor is trained by me. With our more than 30 years experience, we are very proud to have you here in our ENT Clinic in İstanbul.

Have a wonderful and healthy life!

Prof. Hasan Tanyeri MD

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