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Improving the functions of the nose and restoration of its shape

Human beings have been undergoing nose surgery for centuries. Nose surgery is an intervention on the nose performed to restore its shape or a combination procedure to improve both form and function. It can be done both for medical reasons and cosmetic concerns. It is performed to correct breathing problems or to reform disfigurement, resulting from traumas or birth defects. Regardless of the reason, patients, who are considering a nose surgery, must definetly consult to an ear nose and throat specialist.

The nose function is always of great importance, actually much more important than its appearance. NOSE IS PRIMARILY A BREATHING ORGAN and a person, who cannot breathe well through his/her nose, would not be happy even though the shape of his/her nose is perfect. Therefore it is important to fix the shape and the function of the nose together. So, you should definetely consult your ENT specialist for all your nose-related concerns, initially.

Is it possible to create a perfect nose with aesthetic  nose  surgery (rhinoplasty)?

Aesthetic nose surgery aim to reform the shape of the nasal as being proportionate to the other structures that form the face. The nose is right in the middle of the face and it is the most prominent structure. Therefore a slight alteration on its shape may provide a remarkable improvement in physical appearance.

Aesthetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty) cannot give you a perfect profile, cannot make you look like somebody else or cannot improve your private life. That is why it is essential for the patients who want to have nose job to learn and comprehend the contents of changes provided by this surgery and their risks clearly and realistically.

Skin type (thick, thin etc.) ethnic characterizations, age related factors are explained to the patient by an ear, nose and throat specialist. Except those patients under the age of 15 – 16 who are suffering from serious respiratory problems, children at these ages should not undergo nose surgery since their growing is not complete yet.

How is the surgery done?

In order to re-shape the nose in aesthetic nose surgery, first the skin of the nose is opened up and then the bone and the cartilage is adjusted. Then the skin is closed back to cover reformed cartilage and bone. Required areas are sutured and a splint is placed on the ridge. This stabilizes the nose during recovery period. Just like a cast on a broken arm. Water-absorbed sponges are placed into the nose.

These are usually removed on the second day. Whereas the splint placed on the nose ridge stays on for 7 to 10 days. It is much likely to occur some swelling or bruises underneath the eyes and the nose. This is expected. They mostly get better in 7 to 10 days time. Rest of the swelling will go away gradually within months after the surgery.

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